Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shining Stars!

Do you ever sit out at night and just look at the sky? Are you ever amazed at how many stars are in the sky? I love the sky. Unfortunately, where we live, there's lots of noise and lights so it's hard to see the sky. But I love to go out when the kids are in bed and lay on the trampoline and just look up at the sky.

I dream about the stars that are up there and it's such a great time of reflection.

It's a little weird how I dream, but I use that time to think of all the stars that are filling my sky each day.
My family: How they are so near and dear to me.
My friends: What they mean to me, how they care for me, pray for me, support me, love me, miss me. What would I do without my friends.
My Co-workers: He each day they shine a light into my heart and into my future.
My patients: How their faith keeps them going to fight the good fight and no matter the outcome, accept the victory they have won.

I sometimes fail to tell people how much they mean to me. Sometimes take it forgranted. I have some very bright stars that shine in a great big sky.

Are your stars shining today? Have you told them how much you love them?
Don't pass up on opportunities to tell others that you love them because your upset, or angry, or it's just uncomfortable. These days are precious and numbered. Don't let it pass you by without reaching out to the stars in your sky!

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Theresa said...

I love you, Brenda!!!!!!