Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

I'm always amazed at what gifts I receive on Mother's day each year.

My absolute favorites are the things that are made by my kids. Especially the things they bring home from school that they work so hard on.

This year, Lukus made me a bowl in art class. He crafted the clay with his hands and it has his figerprints all over it. I couldn't be more happy.

Emilie wrote me a book. The teacher was a bit concerned because when she asked the kids to pick out the cover with their moms favorite color, Emilie choose black.
The teacher stopped me in the hall on Friday and asked me...and I confirmed, it is black.

Ian didn't make anything, but he didn't need too...the best gift he gave me was being wonderful in school all week! YAY!!!

Working on mother's day or any holiday isn't as bad as it seems. We just go on and it seems like another day. Besides you can celebrate mother's day...everyday.
Yesterday was an extremely hard day at work, emotionally and physically. Normally I work with 8 patients, and I had the entire floor yesterday. It was a bit overwhelming. Things were not going as planned. Well...not by our human plans...God had something different going on yesterday.
So I was in a patients room and several of the nurses come and call me out. I keep telling them I'm busy and I'll be there in a moment and they are rushing around..telling me it can't wait..I need to come now. My patient was stable so I dropped what I was doing and started to run out.
When I got out, my kids and Chad were standing there with flowers, balloons, and a gift.
It was so worth coming out of that room to see what was waiting for me. I needed those hugs and that love that could come from noone else but my family right then.

That's the kind of stuff that makes Mother's Day worth while!!!!

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