Monday, April 16, 2007

Me and Birds....funny story!


I can tell you that many times in my life, I have been attacked by birds. So now, I have the terrible fear of them.

At school we have these geese that love to come and just make their home on the campus and in the ponds. That's great...except when you are trying to drive down the road and they are walking across.

So today, I'm leaving school and of course, here are a couple of geese blocking the road. BOTH WAYS! I honk, I edge up to it, but it won't move. So I thought I would get out of my car and try to shoo it away!!!

Before I could get about 3 steps out of the car, it starts coming at me hissing!!!
It's going to bite me!

I jump back in the I'm screaming....and it starts pecking at my car. It won't go away. The other one finally moves and I am able to get away quickly!

Tip of the day: I'm not sure I have one...I've been traumatized!

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