Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yesterday, I bought the new version of 2007 Microsoft Home. I've been waiting several months for this to come out as I really needed an upgrade. Many times I went to the store and they still convinced me to wait for the newest thing. So I did.
I was so excited to get home and get everything loaded onto my computer. I was frustrated as it took a little longer than I expected.

I have a test today, and I desperately needed that up and running so I could get my things together. After what seemed like 5 hours (was really about 30 minutes) it was finished. Yay!

I took a break and spent some time with the kids and came back to it later when I had some peacful time to sit and write. I had many pages that I needed to complete before today. But I wasn't worried. I was on top of my game.
However, my computer wasn't.

I sat down to look at the new 2007 Microsoft Word and thought "'s got some new features...Pretty Cool" but I didn't take the time to play. I had to sit down an start writing.

About 5 pages into computer decided to have a mind of its own...and it shut down. NOTHING WAS SAVED!!! It is now 9:30 at night and I am literally in tears. I was so frustraed I seriously wanted to cuss! But all I could do is cry.
Well...knowing that wasn't going to get me anywhere, I just picked up and started over.

Chad...being the awesome husband that he is....finally comes and dictates everything to me so I don't have to take my eyes off the screen. He knows doing it that way, I can get it done much faster. A few hours later, I am finished. It's not originally what I wanted it to be, but it's what I needed.

I STILL have not figured out how to work this new software and I will be looking for a "Word For Dummies" book to get through it.

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Shane Coffman said...

OK - better late than never - here's my story:

Early December, 1996. I had worked a summer internship the previous summer which was required for me to graduate. To receive credit for the internship, I had to turn in a paper that described my work and what I learned. It was due on a Friday afternoon by 5:00. I had it typed and finished on Thursday and was just doing some proofreading around 2:00 on Friday. For some strange reason, the computer locked up. When I rebooted and tried to open the file, it was gone. I don't mean it just wouldn't open - there was no trace of it anywhere on the disk. Believe me, I hadn't deleted anything. The only copy I had printed out was the one I had marked up with the changes I was planning to make.

This was a problem. If I didn't get the credit from that internship, I wasn't going to graduate that next week.

Fortunately, the location I was doing this work at was the Church of Christ University Center. 2 of my friends who happened to be there took it on themselves to hop on different computers and start re-typing my paper a page at a time. They told me my job was to proofread. In about 2 hours we had the paper re-typed and back together.

These friends gave up their Friday afternoon so I could graduate on time. They easily could have thought to themselves, "Well, that's Shane's problem. He should have had it done sooner."

Fortunately, they were as nice as Chad.