Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Summer Class in Session YAY!

The summer is upon us and yet another new semester for me. I've been pretty nervous because I have heard how difficult this summer fast track course is going to be. However, I am almost finished with my first week and I am very surprised and happy with the PCT course. I won't say it is easy, but certainly takes a lot of time and prep work for everyday. There is not a moment that I won't be buried in books. I started out ahead so that I won't fall behind and that is truly a key to success. I am always one that wants to be on top of the game. I don't want to run along side and just keep my head above water, I want to succeed with overwhelming success.

This past semester turned out to be very difficult. I was successful in completing the classes but not without a lot of anxiety along the way. But who said that this was ever going to be easy? Ha! Nothing worth fighting for in this world comes easy.

I stop to think about if I was in a hospital, what kind of nurse would I want working on me? Would I want the one that took the easy road, or the one who dug deep within herself to make the best of who she is and what she was about to become. I want the one that is driven, motivated, and on fire about her job. I want one that is dedicated to her work as if it were her own family. Yep...I believe that's the kind of nurse I want to be when I finish.

Do you ever see success in your future? Dream about the future and what it will be like for you? I certainly do that everyday. I feel so motivated to get up each morning and face each day with a renewed sense of adventure. Each class I take has been an adventure and I love it. I haven't loved every class, but for the most part, this has really been a great ride so far.

So as I am completing my first week of an 8 week course, I look forward to the next 7 ahead. I've taken 3 quizzes already with absolutely perfect scores. I don't want to settle for anything less than perfection. Someone's life may be in my hands someday and I want then to know they are safe. That's just the kind of person that I want to be. Maybe not perfect, but certainly successful.

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