Monday, May 22, 2006

The smile keeps coming

So here I am today...walking into my second week of class...ready to take my quiz that I've worked so hard for and something hits me!!! I forgot to study an entire page! Woops! Now, these quizzes are not like simple little quizzes...they are the size of some test in my other classes. It's not just like a small 10 point thing...they are pretty big. So I'm worried. We've already had 3 of these and I've made 100% on every one of them. Now what am I going to do. You cannot make below an 80 at all or you have to come some other time and reatake it.

So I looked at the clock and saw I had 10 mintues to study for the quiz. So I take out my notes, and have at it. I'm trying everything in my power to relate every word I see to something in my brain so that I can somehow remember all this valuable information in 10 minutes. But how...there's way too much stuff here. Well...I just figure, I'll do what I know and pray on the rest.

So she hands out the quiz. Now..quiz right??? 3 PAGES and only 20 minutes!!!!

I decided to start with the stuff that I had just studied which was on the final page. I thought I was doing a pretty good job getting the answers right. Then we go onto the first two pages which are just lovely to look at. I complete it with a little time to spare so I can recheck my answers and I turn it over and don't look back.

There's no way I can pass this with only going over the materical 10 minutes before.

So we have to wait until we get home to see our score.

I pull it up and it says "100%" WHAT????? CAN THIS BE RIGHT? I couldn't be that lucky can I?

Well, I did know the material. I found it easier when I could relate what I was reading to a real life sceniaro and it worked. I took them out of their context and made them into my own and it made it much easier to remember.

I hope the actual test isn't that difficut but for now, I'm pressing on and I want to keep up this score that I have recieved each time. It's totally worth all this hard work. It's paying off too and I'm so excited!

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heather said...

Don't you love that?!?

Love ya!