Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Well the fight is over. THE PIT BULL IS GONE!!! And so are the neighbors!

Wow...This has been an ongoing battle for me since we first encounterd the pit bull problem in our neighborhood in December of 2005. In short, my neighbors pit bull continued to jump the fence into our backyard and come after our dog and our children. So many laws were being broken I took the matter into my own hands. (thanks to my government class)

I found out so many laws were being broken and I couldn't just stand by in good faith and watch this happen. Especially when it was happening to me and my family.

After I filed many will file citations, many fines issued, court appearances, jail time for the owners, and a load of controversary in the neighborhood, the problem is solved. Our neighbors have now moved out and they are gone. YAY!

I started to think back to what our country would be like if Hamilton had never written Federalist 6. We would be at war with our neighboring states if we didn't have a constitution. Much like I was just with my neighbors in my own back yard. I LOVE the wording Hamilton uses to describe men in his writing..."men are ambitious, vindictive and rapacious." I mean really...I would think that Hamilton himself had met some of the people in my neighborhood.

He talks about how we need to have men who are ready to stand for us. Well educated men...Much like the representative Bill Martinson over district 5 for our neighborhood who oversaw this ordeal and took it head on. In my very short 32 years of life...I have never met anyone who was willing to show up at my home, unannounced and ready to talk about my rights and problems and ways to solve this. Someone that was willing to work with our neighborhood as a complete union to find a common and peaceful ground. I mean...That's what it's all about. Who really wants to be fighting with their neighbors?

Hamilton was a very passionate person in my opinion. His writings are really rare in unique due to his passion and commitment to his beliefs and convictions. All the Federalist papers are very passionate but this one absolutely hits home with me. I'm sure in due time, I will find out how other things in my life are affected by these great men who were much wiser than I can ever dream of being. I owe a debt of gratitude to these men for helping us become what we are today. United!!!!

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Jewels said...

YAY!! I'm glad you got this "issue" taken care of! My brother had a real scare with 2 pit bulls a couple of weeks ago. So I can only imagine what you guys have been going through!!