Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Running the Race!!!!

Okay...so my husband won't brag on himself so I will. This past Sunday he was in the 'Spring Fever' Triathalon and this was his first time trying this out. Now I must admit....I was a bit worried for him. He's been working a lot of hours lately and hasn't been able to train like he should but he was willing and determined to start and finish this.
So this was a 400 meter swim.....12 mile bike ride....and a 2 mile run.

He started off swimming which he finished in about 7 minutes. Pretty good!
Then he ran BAREFOOT quite a ways to to the transition area where they had to put their gear on for the bikes and get going on the bike ride. I think it took him somewhere around 30 minutes to ride 12 miles and then his 2 mile run took 12 minutes. I know I would have been exhausted.

He finished 98th overall out of 250. I think for his first time, and very little training...that's awesome! I'm so pround of my guy!

I like that he loves this. As a wife/supporter/spectator...it's a very boring sport. You don't really see them except for when they are in the swimming area...and then when they are transitioning from one area to another and you really can't talk to them so you just kinda sit around. You are really just there for moral support. I guess that's good. He was glad I was there and I was glad I was there for him. I was proud and now he is motivated to get ready for another one. I couldn't be happier

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Leslie Ruth said...

Just the mere thought of doing as much he did makes me feel like I've worked out all day.