Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Feeling blessed!

My heart is overjoyed today by thinking of the friends I have. Yeah...you know who you are. And I feel so blessed that God has given me SO many to bless my life. Not everyone comes from the same walks of life. Everyone has their ups and downs. Everyone has their struggles. But in some way shape or form, we have all stayed connected. Either my friends far away....or my friends right here in my own back yard....there is such a connection that brings me closer and closer to them each day.

In my personal study today...I was reflecting on this thought and trying to figure out how God works in all these friendships I have. I haven't always made the best choices in choosing who I hang around with, but what I've noticed in the end, is that the friends that I fought for and were not willing to let go of....are still around. I think everyone has those childhood friendships that I'm talking about. What is it that makes them so special? Is it the fact that the person stuck with you the longest? That person knows most of your dirt? We pick up other GREAT friends along the way but what makes all your close friendships special?

I won't go into all of the details of the study I read today but here are the general points:
  • Ruth 1-4 It has staying power and commitment.
  • Proverbs 17:17; 18:24 It "Hangs in there"
  • Proverbs 27:17-19 It Shapes your character and repuation - for the good
  • 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 It shows you love one another
  • James 5:13-20 It shows you are able to lean on each other

I can say that with all my friends, I feel that I try my best to utilize these 5 points. Maybe that's why I feel so good about them. Maybe that's why I feel so loved. Maybe that is why I love them so much. Because they treat me with the same love in retrun. I love the friendships that God has brought into my life and I'm excited for the ones that He will continue to bring. I have gained new friends over the past year and even made some older friendships even stronger becasuse of God working through us.

Ultimately one day, we will all be in Heaven together standing side by side enjoying each others company. Laughing, crying, dancing, and having a great time. I love the closeness I share with my friends here, and I truly can't stand the distance I have with my friends far away. Heaven can't come soon enough for me to where I will be dancing joyfully with my best friend above. For now....he has blessed me beyond belief and I truly mean beyond belief with some wonderful people here on earth. I would stand in the gap for you anyday! I love you all!

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Leslie Ruth said...

Friendships are gifts from God for sure. I hope you've had a great day! By the way, I am still laughing about that video on your myspace.