Monday, April 17, 2006

Back to the meds

Today I visited with my neurologist once again. It's been a while and today was a follow up after being on a certain medication for several months. He was a little disappointed in me that I told him over all this period of time I am still suffering with headaches at least twice a week. In a joking manner he said...."Maybe you are studying too hard" Ha! Yes...maybe that's the problem.

So his disappointement is that I was willing to live with the pain. Not only with the headaches, but also with the side effects of the meds he has me on. They're not too bad. I'm willing to live with the side effects to not have a head ache every day. But what does he do??? He piles more meds on top of the meds I'm taking to counteract with the meds I'm on. Hum....I'm sure in the scheme of all makes sense somewhere. So I walked in for my checkup for my headaches, not particularally liking the meds I'm on, and walked away with 3 more perscriptions. Yes! 3!!! Yikes! Guess we'll see how this goes. I know that prayer is the most powerful perscription yet and I'm still relying on that one the most. It's the ultimate cure.

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