Saturday, March 11, 2006

A week off!

Yay!! It's finally spring break and I feel so weird that I don't have to study! It's not enough that I can just thank the Lord that there is no homework....but I even woke up in the middle of the night reciting the steps of Glycolysis and Krebs cycle and Electron Transport Chain. It's like I can't stop.
We had our midterm exams on Thursday and Friday. I am SO glad they are over. I don't think I could have studied another day. This truly has been my hardest semester....but I think I say that as each semester passes by.
I had a very interesting conversation with another student who outright told me she was cheating. I can't tell you how mad this makes me. The fact that I'm working my tail off to get this in my head and make a great career for myself...and then someone else can come along and take advantage of the system. I was able to talk to one professor and had the issued solved in that class. The funny thing was...I told this girl that I did not approve of her behavior and she didn't care. So I asked her...."So you don't mind if I go to him and tell him what you are doing?" She said "I don't view it as cheating" HELLLO!!!!!!! I e-mailed my professor that day and didn't give him the name of the student...just told him the scenario that was going on. The next morning...she is so worried that I'm going to tell the professor...that she rats on herself. It was so classic. I may sound evil....but it was priceless. And she did it in front of my other classmates.
I really have tried to befriend her in the beginning....but I just couldn't condone her way of learning. I would just hate it if she was ever my nurse or one for my friends or family. If you don't understand the way the body works...then you shouldn't be working on someone else.

So is over for a week and I have time to get work done around the house. We started remodeling our downstairs bathroom today. this is priceless....We remove the toilet and Chad puts it in the front yard. So I said "Hey...sit on it...that will look funny."
What's Chad do??? Pulls down his shorts and sits on the pot! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! WHAT WILL MY NEIGHBORS THINK!!! I freaked and ran inside. He gets up and gives them a good wave! Face it....Chad is my 4th child!!! But boy does he make me laugh!!!

What a great week this will be!!!!

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