Monday, March 13, 2006

Such a sad day....

You know...there's always some type of excitement in our neighborhood...but tonight was not the type of excitement we wanted. One of our precious neighbors died tonight. Bobby wasn't feeling well and went into the bathroom and had a heartattack.
This was the man who assisted me when Lukus cut off his toe and everytime we would have snow....he would come by using his snow plow and plow my entire driveway. He was a quiet man, pretty much kept to himself...but was the type of man who would help you with anything you needed.
The kids love to play in his yard trying to catch the cottontail bunnies we have in the neighborhood. Bobby never complained once. He had lots of friends and family beyond this neighboorhood and I know he will be missed. It's just so sad to seem someone go so quickly when you just saw them working in the yard yesterday. Just makes you realize how short life really is.

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heather said...

I'm so sorry. I really am taken back by the vapor of life. And you're right- it makes me more deeply think about how I spend each moment.
Love you.