Sunday, March 12, 2006

Is it more than just a friendship???

Well, Ian says so! Friday night Ian and Becca spent the evening at Fun and Games and had the best time! He was so cute when he came home. He talked and talked and we laughed and laughed

you can tell he was just tickled pink to have such a good friend. He started to ask me questions about when Chad and I met and how me met. So I told him the story. Most of the time, he giggled and just put his head down in the pillow laughing. Guess he's never really needed to know until now.
So I finally had to ask him...
" Becca just your friend or your 'girlfriend'?"

He says, "Oh definately mom...she's my girlfriend" But we didn't say that until tonight.

I tried to look at him without panic on my face. I think at this age my mother would have had a heartattack if I ever said that. But I it different with boys? I don't have that serious panic...I kinda just laugh about it. I mean...they are so cute and most of all...Becca really keeps Ian well grounded. He is totally a different person when he is around her. But he told me that they don't talk about it at school cause kids would make fun of them.

So here it is...Sunday...and Ian is begging me to let Becca come over. So tonight we went to the park to hang out. We didn't get to stay long because of the storms coming in but they really had a blast together just laughing and running around.

I never thought that Ian would develop a friendship with a girl. I honestly was a little worried that girls wouldn't have an interest in him due to all of his problems. But he has really become a little ladies man.

I asked him "Ian...what will you do when we move and you don't go to the same school with Becca anymore?"

He replied..."Mom, you can't let that ever happen. It would really crush me."

Lord help me now!

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