Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh my head....

Why does my head have to hurt so much?

I have re-entered the world of migraines! What is it with these things? Just when things were looking so much better, here they come again.

I feel like this is just some sort of punishment that I have to go through in life, but nobody should ever have to hurt so much. It is truly like hammers and needles stabbing through your skull. It's funny that the first paper I wrote in biology was on "The Diagnosis and Treaments of Migraines in Children" and I scored and absolutely perfect score with Kudos from the professor. Guess I have some experience huh?

They've been gone for a while but have now decided to come back with a vengence. With no warning, they appear out of nowhere. Luckily, our wonderful Chiropractor is always on hand to lend some relief when possible. Most of the time, I feel that is the only thing that helps at all. It's truly amazing what chiropractic care can do for one's head!!! If you haven't tried it it out....I truly suggest it!

So for now, I go to bed early again tonight hoping and praying that I don't wake with this in the morning. But I'm not very optimistic. It's just not that easy to get rid of. Feels like a nasty mold that won't go away but grows and grows and rears it's ugly head whenever it wants to. Ugh!!!!

Praying for a good nights rest!

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Theresa said...

sweetie! I'm so sorry! I totally sympatize, and I really wish there was something I could do to help. But I know better. Take your drugs, sleep it off, go see Breck, the miracle worker. Love you, chica!!!