Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm a political nut!

Do you ever have those time in life where you question "What should I be doing in life?"

I know right now I'm questioning that because I'm struggling in this class I'm in....and I'll get over it. I'll get through it. I'm a tough girl! I've always succeed! I know I can do it! I won't fail. I don't know how!

But I don't enjoy going through this. And I start to question..."Is this the right major for me?"

It sounds really and totally crazy and if this was a private blog I know that nobody would laugh but since it's can go ahead and start laughing now. But my most enjoyable class that I have had since I started school was Poitical Science. Well, other than my comp classes. But everyone knows I love to write, and write, and write! But I love the government now. I love debates, elections, hearings, the whole nine yards. And I don't know why. Well, yes I do. I had a professor that made it interesting to me. I had someone that made the political spectrum so fascinating that it created a firestorm within me.

Just like now....when Marcy brought up her friend Kathy Taylor...sure...I perked up. Don't you know I've already read up on Tayor for Tulsa? I know what she's all about! My idea of a good afternoon of watching televison is going home after class and turning to channed 44 and watching what the house and senate are doing for the day. My husband has wondered what I have become! He laughs at me and says...."You are not seriously going to watch this are you??" I feel the need to watch what they are going to talk about." People....THIS IS IMPORTANT STUFF!

So I'm not changing my major or anything like that. I'm still devoted to being the best nurse I can possibly be. But you never know where I may end up. I my end up being the private nurse to some big political hot shot someday. You just wait and see...I'll be flying on Air Force One or something like that! It's just driving me crazy!

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heather said...

I watch that stuff too sometimes, though I have to admit it's not because I'm really listening to them. I don't know why I like it. Maybe it's how organized they are. Maybe it's the room decor. Maybe it's because I can't believe how monotone they can be. And yet... when someone get's their feathers ruffled.... it is hilarious.

I don't know why I put all this. I know you have just lost respect for me....

:-) Love you