Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Life's gettin' funny for me!!!

Okay, so I feel like I'm starting to not have a life with school anymore.

My newest toy is my laptop. A wake up with it in the morning and go to bed with it at night. I study all the time and feel like it's never ending. Then yesterday, Dr. Lurz says "If you thought this chapter was hard, wait until we start the next unit next week!"
Oh my goodness! Lord help me now!

So in spite of the classes I don't like, I got some good news. I was accepted into the PCT program for the fast track class in the summer. Yes, I'm gulten for punishment! What's even worse are the hours! I will be gone all of the time for 8 weeks!!!! I will have no life during the course of the summer semester! Yikes! But I know it will be fun! At this point I will be in the hospital somewhere, just don't know which one. I know it's every Friday from 6:45am to 4:00pm though. And even better news, my friend Tischa and I got in at the same time so we can go together. We are so excited. So now we're doing it all together. Friday, we're going to go and get all shot up with everything we need. You know the TB test, MMR, and Hep B series. Ugh! Then gotta go get our CPR certification taken care of. But boy, I just hope that I past that Criminal Background check! hee hee!

So I'm trying to get through this with a smile on my face. It's working out pretty well. I pampered myself this weekend. Had my hair done. I'd love a pedicure but it's just too cold outside for me to go get my toes done and then walk away with flip flops on. But I sure need that R&R to help me get through it. Mabye all now I need is my own personal massage therapist to get me through each day! Ahhh...yes...those hot rock massage's are wonderful!

So I don't know if this is the downward spiral or the uphill climb, but I know I have now reached that 1/2 way point of my inital goal of where I want to be in my professional life plan! Yeah! It's all coming together and looking good and feeling great!

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