Friday, January 06, 2012

It's gonna be a good year to give....

One of the things I really liked about this past Christmas was our ability to give. But not just me and Chad, the kids too. We focused this year on less presents for us, more giving to others. Even if they didn't "need" it. We did it because we wanted to, and because we love them. Then we gave to those that did "need" it.

I've always grown up with a ton of presents around the tree. It was so exciting on Christmas morning to wake up and see tons of gifts. We kept that tradition going as our kids were younger. But not in 2011. This past year, they each only had 1 gift to open under the tree. It was the gift they wanted the most. What they had been asking for. The smiles were not any smaller. In fact, the words "We actually got what we wanted" was very nice to hear.

The usual unwrapping of the gifts went fairly fast of course and then we moved onto the grandparents and then onto help with Project Tulsa in giving to the homeless. By far, that was my most favorite part of this year. Blessing those that truly need blessed all year round.

As the new year has begun, we aren't even barely through the first week and my kids are already asking about giving to someone else. I've watched them grow through their own selfish desires to putting others first in their lives. It's so cool to see how they have transformed. They are becoming little adults who think about the good will of others over themselves.

I can't take credit for their change in attitudes. I can only give God the glory for giving me such wonderful children in my life.

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Terry Rush said...

Your heart is showing...and so many of us are blessed!

Proud of you...or Him in you!