Wednesday, January 04, 2012


After being in our home for almost 3 years, I'm excited at the thought of finally decorating and making it a home. For so long I felt like it was just 4 walls that we just placed some furniture in. Now, it's finally going to feel warm and inviting to come to. Each month we will take on a room. January = The Master Bedroom. I like starting with this room because during the day, it seems to be where I spend most of my time. If I'm not sleeping here, I'm on the computer in here, or reading in here. I'm excited to create a space where I want to come and relax. Sleeping during the day has always been a problem because my room is so bright. By painting the walls a darker color and adding pretty brown blackout curtains, it's sure to make it a place to sleep soundly. (If I can only convince the dog to not bark right outside my window!)
It may not be the home we will be in forever, but it needs to feel like a cozy, warm, and inviting place to come to. Not for just visitors, but for us too.
I'm excited to try my hand at decorating.

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