Monday, May 03, 2010

4 more days

Everything is set into place.

I've got the cap and gown. I've taken the test. I've met all the requirements to graduate. Now we just gotta wait for that official night.

I recieved a letter that was address to:
Brenda Lee Hughes, AAS, CRT, RRT.

Um....those are a lot of letters....THAT MEAN A WHOLE LOT TO ME! :o) I totally know that girl.

This morning I had time to reflect on some of the highlights of my school career. One of them was my Goverment class. Of all classes for me to love and excel in, this was the one. Even though it was just part of my basics, the professor I had made a huge difference in my thought process and whether to continue on with this dream or not. I had been out of school for 15 years a that time and didn't really remember much about studying or even how to take test. His class wasn't the best one for learning those things as he only gave 2 test a year. The mid-term and the final. Both were essays that you had to think on the fly and write not knowing what the question would be ahead of time. And I will never forget how I was able to incorporate how Santa Clause is so similar to Government today. No..that wasn't the question, but I worte about it and told every bit of the constitution and how it reltated and yes....I got an A!!!! But that professor taught me how to look at things in life differently. I admired him greately.
I've had a lot of great professors through these years and many of them stand out to me and helped me change my life. For that I am grateful. I am thankful that so many of them were wonderful christian leaders and role models. Not only for me, but for the students they encountered. I may be 36....but I still need positive role models in my life that will lead me in the right direction when I get lost. God knew just who to place in my life over these past 5 years to help me thorugh it. Not just teachers, but friends. So many that believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself and do it on my own. So many that pushed me. So many that helped me along the way. So many that loved me and get to see what I will now go out and do with the degree.....(and all those credentials) that I have earned.

I am so blessed.
I am so thankful.
I am so happy.
I am loved.

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Anonymous said...

Brenda - a BIG congratulations on your accomplishment!! You enjoy all those letters after your name!! Great job, girl!
Patty C :-)