Thursday, May 13, 2010

Graduation Day

This will certainly be a day to remember. So many people say "Didn't it seem like you just started yesterday?" UM......NO!!! It seems like I have been doing this all of my life! Okay....just 5 years to get a 2 year degree....but I had a family to raise, had to work, moved into a new home, went through various illnesses, took care of the other 4 in my house when they were ill, and just overall, did a lot over the past 5 years. I'm so excited to have this chapter completed.

Graduation was held at ORU Mabee Center. I'm the one in the blue square hat! And I must add...this is the same place that my high school graduation was held, as well as the same color caps and gowns.

Yep...that's me.

Ah! Two of my best friends showed up. Love them! Couldn't imagine this day without them.

My friend Lindsay came. She's been a huge support through this whole deal. As well as huge help early in the mornings when I couldn't take the kids to school. She was always there. Even when I forgot to call.

Ah!!!! The 5 of us! Okay...have to say, the kids did NOT want to go to this! But as a parent, I did my duty and forced them. I loved having them there seeing their mom finally accomplish this dream. (anyone else notice how TALL Ian is? What happened???)

My mom and dad came to show their support. (My dad showing his new teeth too! LOL)

Well....that man was the guest speaker. Um....all I remember is blah blah blah blah. Followed by a lot of nothing.

Emilie takes every opportunity to have her picture taken with me. She loves her momma!

The love of my life! I bet at this point he was thinking....."I'M SO GLAD THIS IS OVER"
I know he's proud of me. Now he'll be more proud when he doesn't have to work so much to support my education habits! Now I can work and let him rest! :o)

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Terry Rush said...


You have been amazing through these five years!

Congratulations times congratulations!

You did it...and served God the entire time!

Yeah you!