Friday, April 16, 2010

Countdowns....Graduation and KPC

Not sure what to count down to anymore, there is so much going on. It's good to have a busy life!!!

I've been counting down to graduation (21 days) but now my focused has switched.

I'm counting down to the KPC Night of Praise. 5 MORE DAYS!!!!

What a joy this year has been. These kids are amazing to me. They teach me so much about joy and laughter, happiness and sadness, and pride and humility. I think God gave me the ability to teach these kids so that I may learn from them myself.

In my 3 years of doing this, they have helped me grow in ways I didn't see before. It's like that phrase "I once was blind, but now I see...." I doesn't mean this...but so many things that my heart and mind were blind to before, are now so opened. Things that were hurting my heart because of my selfish and prideful ways, I see so differently now.

Kids are smart. They are much smarter than we ever give them credit for. And when I teach 27 of them 4 times a month, I am the one that is really learning God lessons from them. The things they say are truly God statements. The ways they serve each other are beautiful acts of God. The way they care for one another and love each other shows just what God has commanded us to do. These kids have got it right.

I have to admit.....I'm sad. I'm really sad that in 5 days, this will be over again. I could do this all year. I love it that much. What makes me love it even more is the fact that I have a church family that supports this ministry and these kids so much. I have delegated more this year than I ever have and I pray it goes perfectly....and it will! God has placed the right people in place for this.
The kids look forward to this night for 4 1/2 months and they can't wait for their moms and dads to see what they have accomplished. To see how they have learned to worship God. For me.....when I turn my head at church and see them praising God with all they've got......that makes my heart simply smile. I can't even imagine what it does in God's heart. I'm not sure I have ever seen a smile quite that big....and I bet he's got it! :o)

I know one thing for sure, when this is over....I'll be able to just breathe! All of this behind me will be a good thing...but a chapter in my life gone. So what's next?

Stay tuned....and I'll tell ya! :o)


Tammy said...

When Heather and I were on worship team the other day, Annie came and stuck her head between us and started singing. Oh how beautiful the voices of the young! You do an amazing, incredible job with those kids!

Terry Rush said...

You are such a gift to this place...even if you do bark at me in front of the kids!

Thank you for loving all of this work. It really is His glory that you seem to open to our hearts.

Love you today!