Thursday, January 07, 2010

Inside Out

"In the heart me there's a mystery,
in my weakness there is still,
a goodness not my own,
it comes from God alone,
and I can not be sure until.

You turn me inside out, so that I can be,
a reflection of the one who made me.
So the world can see that it's Christ in me,
Lord, turn me inside out, turn me inside out.

What my pride conceals,
Lord your truth reveals,
and your grace is seen somehow.
There is mercy when,
in spite of who I've been.
Your glory dwells within me now.

So turn me inside out, so that I can be,
a reflection of the one who made me.
So the world can see, that it's Christ in me Lord,
turn me inside out, turn me inside out.

These may be lyrics to a Zoe Group song, but they just feel like so much more when I'm singing them. It hits to the depths of my heart. That's how I know God is trying to speak to me.
When my heart sings this I hear it as such a prayer. One that I have prayed over and over.

In Luke 11 it is very clearly stated to the foolish people that our God is the one that made us on the inside as well as the outside. But, being the earthly people that we are or......sinners perhaps.....why wouldn't our prayer to God be to let others see what is really on the inside.

If you looked at the inside of someones body, (which I have) you would find that we are very complex. So much so it takes years and years of study and research to figure out things that didn't take God very long at all. When we were put here on earth, everything worked in us as God had planned. Some are born perfect. Some are born with sickness and some may develop things along the way. But again, it's all by design. It's God's plan.
I treat some of the most amazing people at work and I have to say, they have some pretty ugly lungs and organs. But when you break through that layer of sickness and find their true heart (turn them inside out) they are some of the most beautiful people I have ever met.

I want to be that person. dying....I want to be turned inside out so that others can see Christ in me. I don't want there to be any hypocrisy. I want what is on the inside of my heart to be seen on the outside as well. I want to be beautiful on the inside and outside so that in everything that I do, Christ is the center of my reflection.

I know what this looks like to me. Most days, I don't find it a big challenge. But somedays.....I feel Satan pulling me and that is when I know....if I screw up, I am loved and covered by His mercy and grace.

My prayer today is that others will see Him and that I will live a life that is "Inside Out"


Tammy said...

Awesome! I love you! Inside and out!

Terry Rush said...

I love you today!

Linda L said...

Love that song and it's message so much...and I love you too!