Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Proud of Ian!

Last night we attended Ian's first vocal music concert of the year and man....WHAT A TREAT! I had NO idea it would be so good! And not just the 8th graders, but the
6th and 7th graders as well. How impressive all these students were and you could tell they had worked really hard to learn the not only different songs, but many different styles and languages as well. I have to say it was the best vocal musical performance I have ever been to for this age group. I had goose bumps all night!

Ian's teacher is Mrs. Barker. She is such a wonderful lady and can recognize talent when she sees it. Of couse, I'd say that, cause she loves my kid! But not only has she increased his love for singing, but in a few short months, she has helped him improve his quality of singing as well. I don't think I've ever heard him sing the way he has been over the past 30 days. He truly is blowing me away.

Before the concert we had to have the traditional "Mother/Son" photograph. I don't think he minded since he was dressed so nicely! :o)

The week before the concert I asked Ian if he wanted me to invite anyone. Family, friends, etc. He was very "specific" about WHO he wanted me to invite from kids to adults. So I sent out that list and I think he was surprised at how many of those were able to make it. I think he was pretty excited when Mrs. Barker announced his name and he had his own cheering section!
Lindsay, Taylor, and Karyn paid a visit!

I was really proud of Lukus and Emilie too as they were captivated by the amazing performances all night. I know I have high expectations for behavior, but they were unbelieveably good that night as they waited patiently for Ian's group to get up and of course, they were the last group up!

Cindy and Hunter Yeats came along to cheer him on!

This is the group of students that made it to all district. Next up....ALL STATE!

Okay...he's cute and all....but I just don't think Mrs. Barker could resist. :o) And I couldn't resist snapping that shot!

Grandma and PaPa made a visit of course and couldn't have been more proud!


Terry Rush said...

Yahoo for Ian!

Proud of him!

Lindsay said...

Good job, Ian! You are gifted with an amazing voice, and I can't wait to see how God uses that for His glory!