Sunday, October 11, 2009

My first OU game!

Saturday I was able to go to my first OU game compliments of Doug and Danna! Each time I thought about it, the whole thing just felt like a dream. Couldn't believe I was actually getting to go. I have to say in advance that I was very quiet! I didn't yell....much....and I was on my best behavior. :o) I was very impressed with the fans from OU as I had heard such sad stories about them. I didn't see one person that was disrespectful the entire time. And I even laughed as a Baylor fan was sitting in the middle of all of us all by himself and even when he cheered, the sooner fans were supportive and just smiled. That was true sportsmanship at it's best.
The Ticket!

I'm not sure who was more excited. Me...or my date! :o) He was so precious the whole time. The unfortunate part of all of this was I felt bad. I had been feeling pretty bad the entire week before, but then Friday night was really bad. But in all of it, he was wonderful to me and was very patient.

As we drove into town, I got very excited. Of course the traffic began LONG before this point. You could tell that excitement was in the air.

Because of where we parked, we were able to get a great walk through the campus before the game. It was so beautiful. I was in awe at the architecture of the buildings. I could have just stood and studied them for hours. I loved this clock tower and especially the library that was right next to it. Oh....and I have to add, when it was over, Chad kissed me under that tower. He's too sweet! :o) inside the game. Here is the band and wow! What a great band. Yes, I was totally jealous that I didn't have the opportunity to go to college and and be in the band. But it was so amazing to watch and they did very well.

Well, the Sooner Schooner was a lot of fun. They had MANY opportunites to come out on to the field that day....and it appeared that once, the girl almost fell out. As tragic as that would have been, I think I may have giggled it it happened. And of course then worried if she was okay!

Oh yes....the band in the OU formation. That was neat!

This was a pretty good pic of what our view looked like. We didn't realize it at the time but they announced that the game was completely sold out and boy do I ever believe it. There wasn't an empty seat to be seen anywhere. The only sad part for our end was that for this particular game, they spent most of the time at the other endzone. Way too many incomplete passes, but eventually, they were down by us. Either way, it was still great!

Oh yes....and the flags that spell SOONER! Again, just another moment where I sat and just took it all in.

And the very happy couple. We sat by some great people who offered to take our picture. We had a great time.

I am very thankful for the gift we were given this weekend and having the opportunity to experience something like this. What an amazing opportunity for us. We wouldn't have been able to go otherwise but with the love of such a gift from some great friends made it not only possible, but more special to us in the end. The next best thing would have been to go WITH friends and enjoy that experience together.

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Danna said...

LOVE IT!!! So glad you guys got to go and had such a fun time!!! :D Love you!