Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Let my children go!!!

I love how at chruch we get to choose names for children to pray for. I think it's such an honor to pray, but yet, pray specifically for one persons child and the struggles they may go through. I always thought this was really neat because they didn't know who was praying for them...... but this year, it's going to be different because of one person for me.

On Sunday a woman came to me and told me she had chosen Emilie's name. I was honored that she did so. Then she proceeded to ask me to send her an email or stop her at church if there was anything specifically she could pray for. What a nice thought. She could have just been praying and never said anything and God would still have heard the prayer. But she really wants to lift Emilie up in very specific ways and if that helps her in her prayer time and gets one more prayer for my child up to Heaven......well I think that's great. I couldn't think of anything specific at the time, but I recieved a not today from Emilies teacher regarding some very big struggles Emilie is having. I immediately thought of Emilie's prayer warrior that I could e-mail to help me talk to God and seek His authority and wisdom in this matter. I was then at peace.

Today I will contact the parents of the 2 children I chose to pray for and offer the same request. I hope it will bring them as much comfort as it did me.

Satan has figured out that he can't get to me directly....so he is using my children. So much that even one of them told me this morning they feel Satan is attacking and they don't know what to do. That kind of cry can't be taken lightly. It's hard enough being a kid without satan sticking his nose in the middle of it. But little does he know, he's going to have to get through me first.

I don't know who is praying for my boys....but I am. I hope their prayer warriors are diligent this week in asking God to protect our kids. They are in the middle of a battle that they don't know how to fight and I pray that God will give me the strength (emotionally and physically) to jump in the fire to save them and rescue them from whatever it is that is attacking their hearts.

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Tammy said...

Your family is always in my prayers. And I understand completely the aspect of Satan attacking them. Heb 12:1 has been popping into my head all this week and once again it is there. Our lives are not sprints (although I think we have sprints in the middle sometimes) but a marathon. And that marathon starts with the training that parents give their children while they are at home. I am but one voice in many that is cheering you on...with witnesses on the other side in heaven doing the same. I love you!