Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't ever go numb!

When asked about the emotional aspects of my job, the answers usually vary.

In the beginning, I cried....A LOT.

Now, I don't cry very much but I think a lot more. I think about life.

There is a video they like to show you that really cuts to the core of your heart. I don't think it matters if you are an emotional person or not, this video will send a spear straight through your heart. And I think that's a good thing.

Not just in my profession, but for everyone.

So many times we get wrapped up in the things of life. Work, school, family, church, sports functions, socialization,etc. and we forget what life is really about.

I thought about the way my life is today. I have lots of friends and I am very blessed. But do I tell them enough how Thankful I am for them? I think I had a tear flow today for every friend I've got, and that's a lot of tears. I'm selfish in a way that I don't let them know enough how special they are to me. If I were gone tomorrow, would they know? Did I make them feel special? Did I make them feel important? Did they know that I loved them? Did they? was hard. But most importantly, was I the kind of friend that helped them grow closer to God so that we can spend eternity together? How often do I get myself wrapped up in the other things in life that I forget about letting people know they hold such a special place in my heart and without them, my heart would be.....well....dead. There would be no beat at all.

I know this will not only help me in my personal life, but in my job as well. I've been known to cry and hug on families in a time of loss and I will continue to do so if it is what they need. They need to know that we are humans with emotions too. When the job is going on, I have to be strong, but when it's over....either a good or bad's okay to have some emotions and share what you truly feel in your heart with those around you.

We shouldn't ever go a day without letting those you love know how you feel. If you love them...tell them you love them. Tomorrow, we may not have a chance.


Linda L said...

Brenda, I'm glad you're my friend and yes, there would be a hole in my life if you weren't here tomorrow. Glad we get to spend some time together this coming week!

Brenda said...

Linda, I too am very thankful for you! You are a priceless friend to me and I cherish our friendship. Can't imagine life without you laughing and crying with me. ;o) ikm looking forward to spending time with you on our trip this week! You bless me! I love you dearly!