Thursday, August 20, 2009

Be encouraged

This morning I woke up and my car wouldn't start. It had a little life left in it, but nothing I could do was going to get it going. It had all kinds of bells and whistles going off to get my attention, but the little bit of life it had left in it was what caught my attention.

We called a tow truck and he came to the rescue. We thought it may just be the battery, but after he looked for a moment, he was convinced it was much more than that. So, he drove me, and my lifeless car all up in chains to the dealership doctor.

Unfortunately, they were all out of loaners so I was out of luck. So Chad called a dear friend of mine and rescued me by loaning me his truck for the time being. It's a much bigger vehicle than I am used to driving so I'm having to be very careful in it.

The report from the dealership (which I call Car.Dr) states the repair will be nearly $1000.00. Wow! My questions were:
"Isn't that covered under the warranty? It's part of the engine! That's like a big part of the car! It doesn't have that many miles! It's not even that old! I've been so gentle with it! I've taken good care of it! I've done all I'm supposed to do!"

But that message came at 5:30 to Chad's phone and his phone battery had died so there was no way to communicate with the dealership at this point.

Do you ever feel like your relationship with God is this way?

You wake up one morning, and you just can't get started. You look good on the outside. You're all put together, neatly pressed, outside is finished but on the inside, something isn't working right.

You decide you can't make it on your own. You try to or be someone different. You try to "loan" yourself a replacement, but there are just none left. You call for help and wait but only to have a stranger help you out at that moment. But now you're stuck. You reach out and a friend helps. Gives you HIS spare life for the day or week so that you can continue doing what needs to be done. However, this life is much bigger than the one you were use to having. These are big shoes to fill.

You go to see the doctor and he tells you it's going to be pretty costly.
And you respond by saying:
"Isn't that covered under the warranty? That's the part that drives me! That's like a big part of me! I don't have that many miles! I'm not even that old! I've been so careful with my life! I've taken good care of myself! I've done all I'm supposed to do!"

But, the good news is, my battery isn't dead. I get the message and it's not too late. This doctor is never closed. He's always open for service if I am willing to do take his prescription and live by it.

As for the car....well...I have no idea. Guess we'll call the dealership in the morning. As for the loaner car, I have it as long as I need it. As for the life I live.....I am comforted knowing that I live in peace because I serve a God that is much bigger than I. Life is difficult!!! There will be pain! There will be struggles! But the God I serve has already conquered the world and I live in peace knowing that I don't have to! I will not run from the struggles we have in this life. The outcome on the other side of this life is going to be one far better than anything I can ever imagine. Parts broken or not. We should all be encouraged today, because......the Lord said so!


Brenda said...

Update on the car - It must stay at the car hospital over the weekend. Apparently it took them 10 hours just to take the engine apart.....(hummmm) cause when I called at 5:00, it still wasn't completely disassembled. Bummer. loaner cars from the dealer, but my friend is still being very gracious with his truck. :o)
I pray for my little car this weekend in hopes that it doesn't get lonely and that it comes back running nice and smooth....just like new.
As for the price....we mananged to talk them down to $ that's better than the original.

Linda L said...

Brenda, you inspire me so much with your insight and ability to apply everyday obstacles to our spiritual walk! You always make me feel better about the things I struggle with. God never lets us down and we can always rely on Him to pick us up when life knocks us down! P.S. Dave Ramsey would be proud to know you got them to come down on the price of repairs!