Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Toys

I love getting new toys. Thanks to our friend Nancy in Dallas, she inspired me this weekend to go out and purchase this new toy. We've been wanting to cut back on our eating out....however....I don't have enough time to cook!!! When I do cook, things get wasted because the sit in the refrigerator too long. So here we go! I bought the Seal A Meal vacuum food storage system. I really am highly impressed with it. So...today I made a Salad. A BIG SALAD!!! So what do I do now??? I need to seal and save it. Let me tell you...this salad was big enough to feed 10 people. Now, it fits in one of our cereal bowls! This was a nice big puffy, fluffy salad!
Chad said he has the feeling he is going to come home and the entire refrigerator will be sealed up! He may be right!

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