Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Monday's are rough days. They are long and drawn out. It's easy to get frustrated with life by 5:00 on Monday's but sometimes we just have to roll with the punches and keep going.

I've been sick since Friday, but really, really, sick since Sunday afternoon. Seems that life and illness caught up with me and told me to slow down. It has a funny way of doing that. When you least expect it, it knocks you down.

My mother was the store this weekend with Ian. While they were there, Ian saw one of his teachers from school. Today, I got an e-mail that read "I saw Ian at the store with his Aunt...she looks just like you"
I couldn't wait to pay my mom that compliment. She loved it!

Life has been difficult lately, but I will not give up or give in. I just pick myself up and keep going. It's been an interesting ride. Life...is good.
Give to every day
There will always be a reason to give up, and there will always be a reason to keep going. The question is, which reason will you choose to focus upon?
Your troubles will get the best of you if you give all your time and attention to them. But you always have another choice.

You can give your attention to the positive possibilities. You can choose to focus upon what's right with life.

There is something you can do in this very moment to create a little bit of positive value in your world. Though it may not seem like much, just one small positive action can have an enormous impact.

Even the smallest step has a clear and unmistakable direction. When you choose to take action, you choose to take control.

Don't allow your life to be defined by the difficulties that come your way. For beyond them all, you have something unique and beautiful to give to every day.

-- Ralph Marston

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