Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh! Another family Christmas! 2009

Well...another year and another famiy party has come and gone. As usuall, it was filled with many laughs!
Here you see my aunt and the bathtub back scratcher she got in the dirty santa game. Believe it or mother stole that thing!!! But I think Jeff (her son) is more afraid he is going to be wacked with it for making a comment! :o)

Okay...I am NOT hitting my niece Asasha! I was actually hitting my brother for sticking his hand up there and making her mad!

Ah! The girls! Sarah, Yoana, Me, and Niki! We have fun!

Getting a picture like this takes so much effort. But out of the 25 we took (NOT KIDDING) this was the best we could do!

Now....boxing gloves may never be a good gift at our parties. You can see the adults have more fun than the kids.

So here is a very good reason why we can't take pictures together. This is where it started, and I can't believe after this laughing moment we could even compose ourselves for a serious moment. My brother always manages to crack me up....and then gets cracked up because I'm cracked up. As for our spouses....they just sit and wait. Yeah....good times.

It took several shots to get this picture as well. My mom, me and my aunt Cyndi.

Well.....we were trying just wasn't working.

This is a gift you should NEVER give a child. She knew exactly what to do with it! Poor Chad!

Okay.....serious moment for mom!

Merry Christmas!

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