Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I love it!

I love days that are full of eye opening experiences.

Some you feel are from God and others you know that the message came directly from Satan himself. I love it when God make it TOTALLY CLEAR to you. I don't think I have had many of those moments in my life where I felt like God was standing in front of me saying WWWWWAAAAKKKKKEEEEE UUUUPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was one of those days! Over and over and over today God communicated His love for me. Man.....I LOVE OUR GOD!!!


Terry Rush said...

I checked in on you and found you wildly, wonderfully alive...again!

I love you today!

Chad said...

Now that's a great idea for an alarm clock. Not only do you get woken up, but you open your eyes to an incredible day.