Friday, February 20, 2009

B 9...Hallelujah!

Tonight I went to Pizza Bingo with my kids. I was extremely exhausted but made a good effort to keep my eye on the numbers and concentrate for 3 long hours on the game. But....we never did win any prizes. For me, the prize was just being there in the moment with my kids.

I have found in schools that parents tend to always be in competition with one another. I have yet to figure out why. For me, it's all about the kids.

With anything we do, we should make the focus what it's really about. No need to compete. We're all gathered for a common purpose. Whether you are at school, or work, or in sports, or at the mall, or at church. Everyone has a goal to reach. To each person, that is going to look different. But we don't have to compete. The only one that you are competing with is yourself and your own heart. Why make it more complicated than it really is.

I observed some parents in their 20's tonight working about 5 cards each. I saw some grandparents just looking over their 1 card each. The younger ones looked stressed beyond max as they tried to win it all. The grandparents just sat and watched the kids have fun. They never lost sight of what was important.

I love in church that we don't have to wait for a certain letter or number to be called out for us to win a prize. We already won. Instead of yelling BINGO, we should be shouting Hallelujah!

Man....What a great ending to an even more fabulous week.

Could it get any better?

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