Sunday, September 28, 2008

Six Flags!!!

We went to six flags this weekend with the youth group and had an amazing time. We stayed outside under the stars and I can't tell you what a breath taking time that was!!! I actually enjoyed waking up during the night just to open my eyes and enjoy God's wonderful creation! It was so beautiful. Many times, we were awaken by cows, coyotes, and puppy mills. 25 of the 28 of us stayed outside and it was an experience to remember.

This was on the drive there. Just having some fun moments in the van.

I slept in close quarter with some cool girls! We had a blast and really...they just wanted to come over and get a picture with all my OU stuff!!! ;o)

Lindsay and I grew closer together this weekend. We had a great time connecting and bonding and had so many extreme laughs together. All I know (since she reads this blog) what is said in the van....STAYS IN THE VAN!!! ;O)

I had to laugh when these girls were really brave when we first got there to set up camp a bit a way from the rest of us. Notice the darkness in the back??? Yeah...they eventually moved a little closer to us!

I had some good moments with Ian this weekend! Great mother son weekend!

Morning football! Just another perk!

If you stand in the splash're going to get wet!

Good people!!!

It's been a LOOOONNNNGGGG day!

Keith led us in a great morning devotional just before we left this morning. The discussion from all was great. What a great way to end the day!


Lindsay said...

This was such a fun weekend! I'm glad you came with us.

The extreme laughs were crazy fun! And since I know who else reads this blog, what was said in the van will most definitely stay in the van! =D

Shane Coffman said...

I am available for confessional times Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, and all day Wednesday.

I will expect to see a couple of you there...

Brenda said...

Wow! Just a couple Lindsay!!!! We'll send someone else and then we're off the hook!!! ;o)

Linda L said...

Welcome back! And in one piece it seems! The pics are great - looks like everyone had a blast! Glad you all made it back safely.