Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Moments, New Friends

Monday, while I was in class, I get a call from Ian's school.

That always makes my heart stop for a moment when I see that number.

I answered it and it was actually Ian.

He said that he made a new friend and his new friend wasn't feeling well.

The boy wasn't feeling well and has to walk home so Ian was wondering if he called his mom, if we could take him home after school. Of course I said yes.

They get into the car after school and Ian introduces me. We'll call him J.

J is very well mannered, very polite. I was quite impressed. We started talking about family and things and I find out the following information.

His dad is deceased. Accidentally shot himself 2 years ago.
Just before that happened, J was living in a psychatriac hospital. I did not find out why.
Between his mom, and his soon to be step dad, there are 9 children.
He has 1 younger brother.
His mom works for a church which they do not attend.

And well, I see potential for Ian to minister to this family in so many ways.

From now on, J will be a new person in my car at 3:40 everyday and if it helps him, and his mother, and Ian....then I'm all for it!

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