Monday, July 02, 2007


When do you know you are really hearing God?
This is where trust and faith have to really come in.

This past week has really weighed heavily on me for many reasons. I've been so excited for this week to get here. A much needed vacation to Nashville this week has me so excited. A time to reconnect with friends, to learn some new things, and meet new people. And really, just a week of fun. One I've been looking forward to for a long time.

One that is now not going to happen.

This is where God comes in. Everything on the Nashville side as worked out. I have my plane tickets and I'm ready to go. But things on this side haven't worked out and I've had to make the decision this morning that I am not going to make it this time.

I've spent so much time in prayer over this and as my friend Theresa told me...."Pray and then flip a coin". Well...I thought that idea was just silly and laughed. Hummm...yeah...I did it...and again, God won. Even the coin told me not to go.

I could list all the reasons to not go on here and you would probably agree...I shouldn't go. Even my friends in Tennessee said it sounds like I should stay here. So that is my decision.

Every part of my selfish being wants to go, but I know where my heart needs to be and that is here. My plane tickets are good for anywhere in the U.S. for the next 90 days and I also have next weekend off.
Pros for me staying:
I get more time with the kids that have missed me from long hours at work this week.
I won't go and blow all my money.
I won't have to take a full essay make up exam.
I get to spend 4th of July with my family.
I get this weekend off.
I get to GO TO CHURCH!!!
I get to celebrate Ian's birthday with him.
I get to relax about making this decision.
I get the total comfort knowing that I made this decision based on God's plan, and not my own selfish needs. And I'm okay with it. I actually feel very at ease right now.

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