Monday, January 12, 2015

They've got it down already!

Teaching middle school kids about the Holy Trinity can seriously teaching about a ghost. Literally! I've come to 2 conclusions about class on Sunday. #1, they either alreday know this stuff and I wasn't adding anything new, Or #2 they thought I was out of my mind and just killing time until they had to go to worship. I'm going with #1 in this case. I love how much the kids "acted" like they already knew what I was talking about. When I asked a quetion, it just seemed like they were anwering me with a question as if I was the ONE who didn't know the answer. Ha! This is like when little kids learn to say the word "no" but they say it in the for of a question just to see what your reaction will be if they say it. "No????" vs "No" Kids seem to love hands on activites, and they work well at application. However, these kids looked like THEY could teach the class on this. Which really makes me stop and think we have done a great job at teaching our kids at a young age how the spirit works inside of you. How God really is 3 in one. Maybe that was His lesson to me this week. We'll see.

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