Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Life Is.....an experience.

Life is good. Always what it's supposed to be. Laughing, smiling, singing, loving every moment of every day. Life is good. I've done things right...righted some wrongs, been forgiven, freed, and blessed. It's adequate, excellent, and just plain peachy!  Life is good.

Life is great. Happiness surrounds me. Looks me in the face and tells me "you are great". Greatness is releveant to how great I feel. Life looks at me and says "you mean something". Life is excellent, brilliant, superb, a fabulous. Life is great!

Life is change. Change in directions. Taking turns against the wind. It cycles, drifts and bends. In time. In seconds. It shifts in unexpectedness, unanticipated paths. For what you planned is now unnatural. Bizarre and uncommon.

Life is scary. Too scary for words. Words of anger and words of fear. It becomes alarming in seconds causing doubtness and fear.

Life is dreadful. Dreading the moments of today and the next...and then the next, for what other words will I hear today? Gahstly I say! Gahstly! No more good, no more great. Fear. Just Fear!

Life is unfair. Unfair in it's very nature of our human sinfulness. It's deceptive and deceitful. It takes biased twist and turns that are unexpected cliffs in our lives. Narrow, slanted, obstinate life. Life is amiss. It is flawed. I am flawed. Done. Out of order.
Life is a secret. One big secret. Something unfair to go unpubished. Camouflauged to hide the fear. To hide the pain. Life is cryptic, private, covered by a blanket of darkness. It is hidden. It is restricted.

Life is Choking. Smothered with all the secrets and unfairness of the world. Too scary to talk, to unfair to be seen. Gagged! What once was great and good is now suffocating the very thing that was loved in the beginning. Life! A good life! Struggling to catch a breath at any moment. Ashypxiated. It is hidden. Life is restricted.

Life is hopeful. A moment of longing. Determined by the driving force of truth and justice. Hope is the voice of concern and a small light at the end of a tunnel. Hope is where you find reward. Where you once would daydream is now your gain and fortune. Hope brings life to reassurance and faith. Life is bringing light back and giving high hopes. Hope is a promise.

Life is justice. It is an authority that brings integrity and legalization to my breath. It is truth and goodness. Life finds the corruption and unfairness. Life institutes the justice to the unfairness I am living. Life is honesty and truth. Justice is life.

Life is breath. It is not gulping or gasping. It is not the expiration of inpiration. It is a blast of fresh air. It is the wind! It is the very thing of which we survive on. Life and breath. The very thing we longed for is now a dynamic force within us. Living, breathing, moving within us beyond our control.

Life is a smile. When the muscles in your face are not longer forced to frown. A beaming expession of delight and happiness. That moment when the air or life that you are breathing is clean again. No choking or suffering. No restrictions. Life is a smile that shines happiness. Not one that is just animated for character. But one that speakes truth and light. The smile that lights the tunnel that was once dark....due to those ever changing experinces, in life.

Life is freeing. It is releasing those things that bind you. It is the delivery from evil. It is the refreshing breath of air. It is the redemption of things gone wrong.
Life is great.
Life is good.
Life is...an experinece.

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