Thursday, January 20, 2011 name is...

It's only 2 weeks into a series of classes at church and I really have enjoyed the content so far. A class titled " name is Memorial Drive"
Now lets not ever shorten this to "Hi my name is MD" because the medical side of me comes out and says "Muscular Dystrophy". Not sure that has the same context to it.

Thinking about this last night...what if I wore my tag everywhere I went...what whould it say? Would it change from place to place according to the atmosphere, environment, or attitude I carry? I believe it would. At work, would it say "Hello, my name is St. Francis?" or at McDonalds would it say "Hello, my name is McD?"
Of course it would, but it should also say something more important than that. It should say "Hello, my name is believer, servant, christian"

Do I carry that with me? I sure hope so. So when I'm:
At work "Hello, my name is helper"
At McD "Hello, my name is thankful"
At church "Hello, my name is,friend and Child of God"
And so on and so on.

I want to be be all the things that God wants me to be without reservation in all situations. I want others to know where I get that from. Not only do I get that from God, but I get that from a family of believers that I can't imagine life without.

I want to keep adding to my tag. I want to be those things that I see in others. I want to be those things that He sees in me so that I can pass that along to people who have yet to know Him like I do. I, just want to make a difference.

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