Thursday, April 30, 2009

Week in review....

Overall, this really has been a great week.

I faced the two most difficult exams of this semester with very little amount of time for lecture and studying and couldn't believe how well I did. Yes, I did stress, but only because I wanted to do so well. Doing WELL for these test means just passing! But I did FAR beyond that. It gives me the confidence and motivation I need to keep going for the 3 Finals I am facing next week.

Other than school, I haven't been able to get a lot of other things accomplished lately. It's okay. They'll wait.

I'm learning that it's okay to say no to the things I love the most. Oh my, it is difficult. But even when you love to do something so much, there are times that you just have to stop and take care of yourself and do something different. Life is so short and we need to enjoy every moment we can. Many times I feel selfish when I want to do something fun for me. But not this week. I'm trying things differently and seeing a different perspective. Hopefully, it will make a difference in other places as well.

I haven't felt well this week. Probably the strain of school. Either way, it has called for a doctors visit today. It's so amazing to me that when we can't tell ourselves something is wrong, our bodies will do it for us. For 3 weeks, I've been ignoring what it is trying to say, and this week, it told me no more. In the future, I think it may be a good idea to be a better LISTENER when it's trying to tell you something. :o) (silly nurses.....they are the worst patients! Sheesh)

I'm excited to see what God has in store for me next week. He bet he spends lots of time smiling when we have some great "AH HA!!!" moments in life.


Terry Rush said...

Some of us were braggin on you yesterday. You do a great job of looking like you know the Living God!

I love you today!

Brenda said...


Thank You! That was the best compliment I received all day.

Love you!

Chad said...

You are so right about the "Ah Ha" moments. I have had those moments everyday since I met you over 17 years ago. And I thought I came down here to go to school.."Ah ha" I was so wrong. His plan was much big. He knew how much I needed someone to stand by me through life and let me tell you he couldn't have picked anyone better. But then he blessed me even more by giving me the chance to return the favor. And be your soft place to fall. So whatever else life has to throw at us, go ahead and do your best or worst. As long as we have each other...through thick and thin, for better or worse it doesn't matter we will be ok. Thank you Father for the greatest blessing in my life...a godly Brenda.

Brenda said...

chad! You are amazing! You thrill me daily just by loving me the way you do. My flaws are endless, but you look past all that and see my heart for who I really am! I thank God for you. I love you!