Friday, May 11, 2012


Ever wonder what it's like to have short term memory loss?  Fear not!  Let me explain how much fun it's NOT! 

Over the past 48 hours, post procedure-surgery, I am finding myself repeating the same things over and over to the same people, as well as, not remembering things that I think are pretty important. 

It's frustrating & embarrassing all at the same time.  My co-workers have been very generous listening to me and giving me soft corrections.  I've been informed that this is a side effect of the new heart medication I'll be taking.  Oh joy!  The problem is, I'm finding myself not wanting to talk to anyone out of fear I may have already spoken to them and just don't remember. 

I came home today and put on the one thing that is familiar to  It brought me to tears not remembering some lyrics.  But, it soon came back to me. Just like a story that I was trying to sing. 

I've exhausted myself today trying to remember things.  From this morning, to several weeks ago.  I've been reminded of the things that are important and just closed my eyes and had to let the other things go that I was trying to hard to concentrate on. 

I'm thankful today for my husband who notices these things in me and is willing to help me through it. And my kids, who are extremely patient with me when I need reminding. 

Guess I'll buy stock in post-it notes :) 

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