Friday, February 03, 2012


Have you ever lost any of your senses?

Over the years I've been losing the senses in my fingertips due to poor circulation. It's been a very slow progression. When I get cold, it gets much worse. Even painful. It has made me appreciate the sense of touch. I love to hold hands. Especially with my kids. To feel the warmth of another hand warming mine on a cold day when it is piercing to me is just the extra added bonus. If I ever lose all that, It will be hard.

Being sick over the past week has put fluid in my hears. As my doctor said "A TON" of fluid. She could not even see my left eardrum. It doesn't hurt, but I just can't hear. In fact, all I can hear is a constant low bass humming sound at all times. Makes me think the train is going by our house. It's made me appreciate the gift of hearing. I can't imagine living like this all the time. I've noticed myself trying to strain to hear things better. Turning my head, turning up the radio or TV, it's been difficult and frustrating. It's made me appreciate what I have and how well I can hear. I think God gives us a glimpse at times of what it could be like without something we take for granted so that we may better learn to appreciate it. Today...I appreciate all the senses I have and that God made them unique to me.

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