Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Giver....not a taker.

I go though these spurts of not wanting to spend any money. It's not because I'm selfish.....but because honestly, I just don't need anything. I am so content to have what I have and be okay with that. Why don't kids see it that way?

Last week I stopped at the light and a man with a cardboard sign just sat there. He didn't look at me, or pressure me, he just sat. But I looked at him and saw something in him. I saw past the dirty clothes and mangeled teeth, and just saw him. I looked over and took all the cash out of my wallet and handed it to him out the window. You would have thought it was Christmas to see how thankful he was.
My friend who was driving behind me at the time chewed me out when we got to our destination.
"Don't you know.....they are scammers!!! They make more than you and me!!!" she said.

Her reaction really bothered me.

Who cares! I didn't need the money. I didn't need the Diet Dr. Pepper and candy bar I was going to spend some of it on. The point was, I didn't need it. I was just going to waste it, so why does it matter who I gave it to? And if I feel in my heart to give it away....isn't that okay?

We get so wrapped up in ourselves at times that I find myself getting very frustrated with my own selfish ways. But I want to be a giver, and not a taker. I want that man to know that there is someone out there who isn't going to judge him or ask him what he'll do with it. I just want that man to be happy.

My children are not going to go hungry because I gave it away. They are not going to suffer either. But what I do know is that if I didn't follow my heart at that moment, then I wouldn't be following God.

God has taught me to be a giver, and that's the story I'm sticking with!


Tammy said...

You received a blessing in giving that is worth more than all the money you gave. God is like that. I love you!!

Linda L said...

You're right, Brenda! If we don't follow what our heart is telling us (I believe the Spirit is telling us) we miss a great opportunity to bless someone and lead by example what Jesus says we must do. What that person was going to do with the money is not the issue, it's what WE do when the Spirit is whispering in our ear.